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October 2012

Learn how to do your own Vintage Style hair & makeup here in Melbourne!

By | Candice Deville


Vintage style hair and makeup looks cool. Yes, we've seen the trend growing from strength to strength over the past few years, but really how many people can actually pull it off? The trick is to find the right vintage inspired hair and makeup for you. We each have our own individual style, our own tricky hair, our own routines and time limits; so how do you find the right thing for you and have some fun? You learn!

Candice DeVille offers highly personalised lessons in hair and makeup, both traditional vintage, vintage inspired and modern day to day looks. This is the kind of lesson you've never had before and the kind of thing you wish you'd always known. No, it's not your department store style makeover, nor is it a class full of people where you struggle to be heard. This is for you, just you (and maybe a friend or daughter if you really want too).

These lessons focus on helping you work with the makeup and hair tools you already have to help you create the look you want. It's not about buying loads of expensive products, but instead learning the skills you need to make those bargains look a million dollars.

Candice will work with you on determining your ideal look, both the look you'd love to get and how best to create that with your unique beauty. It's not just about hair or makeup, but about how this fits with your life and how, if you only have ten minutes in the morning, you can turn out looking your best.

Each lesson also includes your own personalised mini eBook of notes so that you always have something to go back to when you start practicing your new found skills. And don't worry; we won't just send you out the door and wish you luck. Candice keeps in contact with her 'students', helping them with questions and when they're ready to learn even more, offers advanced lessons to help you polish up your knowledge.

And in the meantime the inspiring Super Kawaii Mama blog provides a wealth of answers, product reviews, ideas and online tutorials to keep you going. That really is the best way to learn how to DIY when it comes to your vintage hair, makeup and style!