"The Art of Vintage Style & Glamour"

for every occasion.

Our Purpose

At the heart of Candice DeVille is the desire to bring you beauty, romance and the warmth of nostalgia. To transcend the every day and  learn to live glamorously through the art of classic vintage glamour. And above all, to leave you with a renewed sense of inspiration for life.

What We Do

Candice DeVille adds a touch of vintage glamour to all manner of occasions. We provide specialised hair, makeup and styling services both in salon and on location. We cater to individuals, brides and large bridal parties, photographers, groups and corporate events.

About Candice DeVille

Candice DeVille is a multi-disciplinary artist, specialising in vintage style and glamour. With over twenty years experience as a vintage clothing collector and hair and makeup stylist, Candice has dedicated herself to reviving and retaining the styles of the past.Collecting stories, skills and life lessons from generations past, Candice makes the art of glamour accessible to all.